Interview with Showcase Poet: Amanda Lee

For me, the objective of writing is just to celebrate living. My poems are all a direct reflection of my personal experiences, and by sharing these experiences, I feel more connected to myself and to others.

The Art of Healing: Chronic Stress

Your body has an innate capacity to heal. The art of healing manifests from your ability to avoid that which adversely stresses your body, and also your ability to assuage the stimuli that has placed your body in a stress reaction.

Showcase Artist: Kevon Dooley

Kevon Dooley grew up in the foster care system of Florida from age 7 till age 19. He has advocated on behalf of foster children for schooling, counseling, and extended living since leaving the system. Kevon is an artist, actor, and a young entrepreneur now living in Atlanta, GA. He hopes his story “can show others that no matter what happens, if you keep your head high and keep working hard, you can succeed and the future is yours.”

Trinkets: A Poem by Amanda Lee

When I was very young, I collected trinkets: small animal figurines that fit in the palm of my hand, seashells, buttons, marbles, and glass bottles filled with sand.

Jack Thompson: Out on Assignment 1.2

November 2021, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina The “Change on the Horizon 1968” exhibitat Serenity on Broadway Gallery brings photographer Jack Thompson back to the stage while bringing back fond memories for families. It was a normal fall morning in 1968 when the call came in. The fish were running. A.C. Sessions was taking a group…


Humming A poem by Marissa Mullins Christ comes as a dirty-broken beggar.Buddha comes as a sick bird that needs tending.Shiva comes as an enemy desiring your destruction.Atman dances at the Center Expanding. God shows up as a child begging youto bandage his bleeding red knee.Ram plays hide-and-seek and jumps ropewith Loki and Odin in the…

Working Song

Working Song A poem by Joshua Kochis After Mark Levine Jack. Look. It’s morning.I grab the clock from my ear, sandfrom my pocket. I am a mirror, a two-waylazy susan. I spin on my nose and walkin circles. I see myself become a moon.I am a lens, I am convex. I magnify, concentratelight rays like…

We Are ALL Art

I was in retail management for over 30 years and eventually realized a pattern with my employees. I was coaching all of my best people out of their positions.

on the topic of the N-word

It was uncomfortable walking in public because the skin I wore was a public statement and possibly a threat. I felt like those years of self-growth had gone to waste. I spent a week struggling with the emotions. Eventually, I realized that I had a choice.

Poem: the day I met you by Brandi Cantrell

the day I met you The day I met you… I was broken I was beaten I was scared I wasn’t living The day I met you… Gave me hope Broke through to my core Stirred me to live again The day I met you… Opened my heart I fell in love I believed in…

Behind the Scenes: Making Art, Creating Culture

There are no rules deciding who or what counts as part of the scene. A DIY show is just as significant as the gallery funded by Quicken Loans if even one person happens to visit both of them.