We Are ALL Art

Carrie Irene Crosby is an artist, a poet, a life coach, and an innovator. Serenity Cafe asked her to talk with us about the concept of art as a transcending force. Here’s what she had to say….

Carrie Irene Crosby, Myrtle Beach, SC 2021. Photo Credit: (c)Marissa Mullins.

I was in retail management for over 30 years and eventually realized a pattern with my employees. I was coaching all of my best people out of their positions.

If my employees had a dream, vision, or idea, I was their biggest cheerleader! For 20 years that skill worked against me until I decided to allow it to work in my favor. I made the decision to become an ICF Certified Life Coach. That has now grown into a worldwide community movement that helps everyone, regardless of their surroundings or circumstances, to always dream…And to dream big!

I have often heard that art transcends age, race, and culture and I have always wholeheartedly agreed. But what does that have to do with me? What does it mean to the me sitting here at the kitchen table writing? This cliche concept found me at a time in my life when I am aware of words and how powerful they can be.

Untitled Painting II, by Carrie Irene Crosby

Speaking of words…I have been devouring the words of Michael A. Singer recently. The first book of his that I fell in love with was The Untethered Soul. Since discovering him, I’ve reached out to his publishing company to gain permission to have a Masterclass based on the principle in the third book of his that I read, Living from a Place of Surrender: The Untethered Soul in Action.

These books heightened my self awareness in such a way that I realized I had been living most of my life trying to add things to myself in order to make me happy, whole or complete. Now, I’m not talking about vain things. I’m talking about elevated things. I was in a season of what I deemed elevated…I was eating healthier, performing more coaching duties, adding healthier people to my life, and I was adding more empowerment to my life. I was creating boundaries and sticking to them. But, I realized, all of the things that I was adding to my life were blocking me in.

Untitled Wood by Carrie Irene Crosby

Michael A. Singer takes the reader through a vivid journey of his own releasing of all the things in life that had him blocked. After releasing the expectations of others, we must continue to release the habit expectations we have of ourselves.

Singer went on to let go of even what he wanted using the Art of Surrender. When we surrender to life itself, we honor the Divine Creation in its wholeness and allow it to provide for us as it does the trees, the birds, the rivers, bugs, clouds, lakes…get my drift?

And that brings me to another cliche topic, The Art of Being. The process of surrendering truly taught me what this meant. I experienced first-hand what it felt like to simply BE. Some people think this sounds lazy, but it is quite the opposite. Instead of using your energy to figure things out, you invest it in enjoying every moment that presents itself. In this way, via the Law of Attraction, you are creating your own life. No outside expectations, no internal expectations; simply staying in the present moment with love.

Carrie open to where the road leads her!
Photo Credit: (c)Marissa Mullins

Have you ever heard a painter, carver, singer, composer or other artists say, “I didn’t know what it was going to be until it was finished.” It’s the same with the words I’m writing now. Just like the blade of grass that just poked its head out of the ground on the first day of Autumn. Like the next masterpiece, the next photograph, the next recipe, the next event you create —it is a brand new creation that cannot be predicted, it can only be created.

Untitled Painting I by Carrie Irene Crosby

So, what does art transcending age, race, and culture mean? It’s a Universal question. My thought is that the creation of one’s self is a universal creation. Through the experiences we have, keep, or let go of, we create ourselves…every single day. Yet, the Creation has nothing to do with building, but everything to do with letting go. You find yourself coming back to yourself, and you have found your way home. We are all Art. ◈

For more information, you may contact Carrie via email at: atbaimpactgroup@gmail.com Or, visit her website at: WWW.ATBAIMPACTGROUP.COM Order a copy of Serenity Cafe, Issue 1.2 for Carrie’s article and more photos.
THE ART OF BEING (Watch Carrie and ATBA Impact Group videos on YouTube)

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