A poem by Marissa Mullins

Christ comes as a dirty-broken beggar.
Buddha comes as a sick bird that needs tending.
Shiva comes as an enemy desiring your destruction.
Atman dances at the Center Expanding.

God shows up as a child begging you
to bandage his bleeding red knee.
Ram plays hide-and-seek and jumps rope
with Loki and Odin in the Garden.

A whisper flutters on the wind
tells you that you are standing
in the Navel of Creation where
Vishnu is Dreaming.

Rumi and his Dervishes are dancing
in and out beside you.
Grace masquerades in all these guises
playing a Game of Charades in your Mind.

Don’t fear – Dear One, your Soul sees clearly.
Reach out – offer the poor beggar food and water.
Reach out – tend to the sick and bandage the wounds.
Reach out – stroll in the Garden and Dance a new song.

Growing into ever deeper Circles of Knowing —
You are Humming in the breath of Brahma.

Marissa Mullins (M. Colleen Mullins) is a poet, writer, graphic designer, and photographer. She is the editor and publisher of Serenity Cafě Magazine. Her writing has appeared nationally in numerous publications since the early 1990’s. She is a photographer for Neighbors of Market Common Magazine and is a twenty-year veteran of the automotive industry. Marissa lives in Myrtle Beach, SC with her dog Mocha, a pet turtle, and two pet parakeets.

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