Jack Thompson: Out on Assignment 1.2

November 2021, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

The “Change on the Horizon 1968” exhibit
at Serenity on Broadway Gallery brings
photographer Jack Thompson back to the stage
while bringing back fond memories for families.

It was a normal fall morning in 1968 when the call came in. The fish were running. A.C. Sessions was taking a group of men down to the beach for a fishing trip. Jack grabbed his camera bag and then asked his dad, Jimmie Thompson, if he’d like to go with him. They arrived at the beach just before sunup. A.C. Sessions had a crew of friends and family with him. Among them were his son Jimmy, his dad, and David Carr. Jack and Jimmie Thompson talked with the guys. The men loaded the boat, worked the nets, and brought in the fish as Jimmie Thompson and A.C. Sessions talked about the catch. Jack was busy taking photographs.

“Change on the Horizon 1968,” featuring the photographic works of Jack Thompson, marks the return of Myrtle Beach’s legendary photographer to a gallery showing (after a more than 5 year absence) and to his beloved “public talks.” The exhibit (running November-December, 2021) showcases the close friendship between different races as they spend the day fishing together on the beach. It also highlights the national events and chaos during that era. The opening reception garnered a full house; and locals, young and old alike, attend the exhibits group talks to hear Jack Thompson tell stories about the “good old days” of Myrtle Beach during the 1950—1960’s. ‡

Jack Thompson with photographs from his exhibit. © Jack Thompson photography. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Jimmy Sessions didn’t know what he was walking into when he came to hear Jack Thompson speak at Serenity on Broadway Gallery — having forgotten the time, he was late and Jack was gone. He’d have to come back for the next scheduled evening…but he decided to take a look around—

That’s when he walked into the exhibit room and saw…himself, his Dad, and his Grandpa in the photographs. Tears filled his eyes and he agreed to let us snap this photo (below) as he recounted that day and explained that it was the only fishing trip that he and his Grandpa had both been on.

Jimmy Sessions, 2021

The young, skinny kid on the left is Jimmy about age 17 standing next to his Grandpa. He told us about David Carr and the other men — the many fishing trips, hours shared, and the friendship between all the men of the group.

Jimmy came back to the next talk Jack gave, bringing most of the Sessions family with him! It was a great night sharing memories together — looking at those Jack Thompson photographs and the moments he’d captured for the Sessions and Carr families… and for the future generations of our city. ‡

Iconic Photographer Jack Thompson © 2021 Marissa Mullins

For more information on Jack Thompson, or to order prints of “Old Myrtle Beach,” please email: Jackthompson1936studio@gmail.com

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