Travelogue 1.1 Georgia

Travelogue 1.1 Weekend Getaway to Georgia’s Vogel State Park By Donny Karr Each September, I look for a fresh, new outdoor adventure to enjoy with my wife, Madison. We love to plan an unforgettable trip each year in September—a birthday month we share. This year we wanted a mountain vacation with all the scenic beauty…

Shining Forth: Kurt Jarvis

Kurt Jarvis is a talented artist. He is an author, a poet, an illustrator, a sculptor, and the list goes on. He is also simply what one would consider a good human being. His energy, laughter, and concern for others shines in everything he does.


Rome if you want to, by the Appian Way,By learning to prayTo your household gods.Should Apollo, of a morning, come peepingThrough your villa window–Greet him with a proper carpe diem.Practice being stoicAs you slip on your white tunic,But only if you want to.First thing, think of all the thingsCan go wrong in a dayAs you…

Origins: The Indus Valley

The Indus Valley Civilization stretched across much of present day Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, and to some extent, Iran. A majority of these sites have been discovered in Pakistan and India, with the most ancient discovery “Mehergarh”, in Balochistan Province of Pakistan.

The Fabric of Society

Look at your outfit and think for a moment what it may say about you. Maybe you’re telling the world you’re confident, interesting, smart, and funny (which I’m sure is all very true) but you might be telling a more interesting story than you give yourself credit for.

A Disunited Kingdom

By Luke Owain Boult Family members that no longer speak to one another. A nation’s reputation tarnished. The evocation of an imagined past and a society seemingly more divided over history and ideals than at any point in living memory. These are elements that I am sure a good many American readers and those of…

Change on the Horizon 1968


Poem: Remembering the Town Librarian by Robert Tustin

“What happened to the head librarian?” I asked the new girl working in the stacks, Who told me the old antiquarian Died peacefully in her co-op full of cats. I sighed heavily to hear the awful news Then went quietly about my business, But couldn’t stop thinking about Mrs. Hughes And the joy with which…

Coffee with the Editor Issue 1:1

In a world where the denial of basic human rights and dignity has become the norm, where news outlets and social networks are saturated with intentionally false information, and at a time of social chaos and human turmoil on a worldwide scale, to ignore those aspects and simply produce a “feel good” publication would be socially remiss and ethically irresponsible. Hope that fosters change does not come from denial, but from an accurate acceptance of things as they are and the ability to envision options and to work toward them for the benefit of all.

Terra Incognita: Small Vistas Unfolding

Wooden fragments are unearthed from the forest floor and translated through drawing, collage, painting, and sculptural installation. The displacement of these subterranean objects exposes the way that landscape can be perceived as an entity separate from human culture, and attempts to reconstruct the symbiotic nature of our connection to the world around us. By the…